ProjectWA Outstanding Achievement

The original ProjectWA team reunited at Seattle’s Washington Hall on May 30th to receive our award for Outstanding Achievement in Historic Preservation from the Department of Archaeology and Historic Preservation. Congratulations to Anna, Ava, Mallory, Shayna, Sonnette and Mr. Rovente for your innovation and hard work to help raise awareness of our state’s heritage. And, thank you to the State Historic Preservation Officer for this recognition.



One thought on “ProjectWA Outstanding Achievement

  1. Well done! That is great news. Thanks for keeping me informed.

    As for the Woodinville Schoolhouse… the wheel is still round and I think there is a rock rattling around in the hubcap. In a nutshell, the Council – with an election pending! – is considering the sale of 3 acres of property on which the schoolhouse sits. They have dropped another $110K for another study of how best to use this property. The study concluded that the 3 acres should include a 5-story parking and apartment complex along with expanding the Y and retaining the Schoolhouse. They will be sending it out for another RFP which is due back, conveniently, in November (just after the election). I am convinced that this is all another horse-and-pony show for the election and that once they are voted back in, they will once again block any development. The good thing is that both the mayor and my nemesis, Susan Boundy-Sanders have opponents. It will be an interesting fall, to be sure. I’ll keep you posted.

    Hope you are well. RICK


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